Wednesday, 25 January 2012

"There’s no such thing as a free lunch. . . " - REVIEW

But it seems there is such a thing as a free pack of baby wipes.
Since the day we found out we were pregnant, Kirsty has been on a mission to find the best Mother & Baby Club. An added bonus when you join the majority of them is the freebies they lure you in with. So we thought we’d share the current freebies on offer.
This was one of the first freebies we collected. All you had to do was sign up online  & print off a coupon to redeem in store for a Huggies Newborn Starter Kit. The New Born Starter Kit contained 1 full size packet of Huggies Wipes, a pack of 27 New Born Size 1 Huggies Nappies & an adorable little white hat. For a freebie we rate this pack very highly & excellent value for money if you were to just go out & buy it (which you can).

Sainsbury’s Little Ones Baby & Toddler Club requires you to have a Nectar Card to register. This process took a little bit longer than the rest, due to Kirsty losing her Nectar Card! Once she’d ordered a new one she was able to register online. It then took 2 weeks for an email to arrive. We then had to buy something in store to receive a coupon, and then we had to buy a packet of Nappies to be able to redeem the coupon, still with us? Haha.
Luckily there was a baby event on & the nappies were reduced. We’re still in two minds as to whether it was worth all the hassle but we did get a lovely changing mat, another full pack of Huggies Changing Wipes, samples of washing detergent & randomly a packet of Balm Tissues.

Cow & Gate
This was a really easy one to sign up to & has definitely been one of the cutest freebies. The club follows you through the pregnancy & sends you freebies relevant to the stage you are at. The freebie came through the post.

This was another cute freebie we got through the post and super speedy too. All we had to do was register online and wait for the cutest little polar bear.

We have registered with other baby clubs but so far haven’t received anything from them. We will write another blog when we have more freebies to report on.

i love Quidco BlueWhite

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At 26/01/2012, 17:04 , Blogger kezzaseaweed said...


I've just had this link passed on to me, and I thought it may help in your freebiequest :)


At 30/01/2012, 10:29 , Blogger S And L said...

Wow! I bet lots of people didn't realise there was so much available, will definitely remember to freebie hunt when we are pregnant! If I spot any freebies, will let you know!
Sarah & Lauren

At 30/01/2012, 20:01 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Thank you, I get most of my tips from there and magic freebies :) cheers for the tip off.

At 30/01/2012, 20:02 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Cheers, it's good fun to occupy yourself in the weeks when not much is Happening lol

K :)

At 25/04/2012, 21:03 , Blogger Bex said...

We signed up to all the weaning clubs when baby was a bit older and got loads of free jars and spoons. Also boots parenting club gets you a free changing bag!

At 27/06/2012, 20:20 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

We will have to remember to do this. Thanks :)

At 04/07/2012, 10:11 , Blogger Emma said...

I loved collecting all the freebies when I was pregnant with my first, I had nappies and wipes to last me for months! Now I'm expecting my 2nd but live in Cyprus and haven't even got one freebie!


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