Friday, 27 April 2012

Gro-egg Room Thermometer - Colour changing room thermometer - REVIEW

One of our biggest fears since finding out we were pregnant has been about how we would know if our baby was the right temperature in our room.
There has always been so many issues highlighted in the media about room temperatures that were too high or low leading to cot death and I'm sure we are not alone with this fear.
My role in our relationship is head of tech and gadgets. So I searched for a product to help ease our worries and found the Gro-egg.
What appealed to us was the fact that the egg changed colour depending on the temperature which meant we could glance at the egg to check the temperature with out causing any disruption to our baby.

The Gro-egg retails at £21.99 via their website. But I love a bargain so I found it for £14.95 on Amazon.

Gro Egg Review

When it arrived, we were immediately surprised by its size. For some reason we were expecting it to be bigger than it was. But after working out the location it's going to live, we were quite happy with its size.

Gro egg review

The Gro-egg is mains powered and comes with a cord long enough for us to allow it to be placed on a low shelf not far from the plug point. It also comes with some very easy to read instructions which offer tips on improving safe sleeping for your baby.
The instructions explain which colours are safe and also let you know how you can make adjustments if the temperature is too high or low.

Gro Egg instructions

After switching on the Gro-egg we were happy to see it turn yellow (recommended), which it stayed until we made dinner.

When the egg is too warm it glows red. This showed us that we will definitely need to open a window slightly when cooking, to allow baby to stay the right temperature. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture when it was red.

When the room is too warm it glows orange to allow you to make changes before it glows for hot.

When the room is too cold it glows blue. I had to hold it out the window for ten minutes before snapping this picture. You also get a little sad face or happy face to confirm if it's a good or bad temperature.

We both loved this product straight away. It's not intrusive at all, very easy to use and the glow is very light and pleasant. I'm an incredibly light sleeper and usually any sign of light wakes me, but I managed to sleep all night with it glowing in the corner of the room.
The Gro-egg has provided us with some peace of mind that we will be able to monitor the room well enough for our new addition.

The only negative I can find it the possibility that the cord is a little too short if you have a large room as you will probably want to put the Gro-egg near the babies crib. If you don't have a plug socket near the crib, you may find this difficult.

We highly recommend this product. If like us you're worried you will be anxious about keeping everything the right temperature it's the product for you.

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