Wednesday, 25 April 2012

To Blog or What to blog? That is the question

Since starting this blog we have discovered that there are a lot more parent bloggers than we ever imagined. Each have their own reason for blogging and blogs seem to vary from short funny posts about baby's day to day activities to full on essays and rants or product reviews.

We started this blog as a way for us to share our journey into parenthood, to help inspire or offer advice to people on a similar adventure to us. Like most bloggers we wanted the interaction, we both love being able to communicate with others and swap stories etc. Blogging can be pretty daunting at first, there were times we held off posting for fear we were swamping people's feeds. There were also weeks when we worried that we weren't posting enough.

We have now come to the conclusion that we want blogging to be something we do as and when we have something to blog about. We don't want to feel pressured into posting to a strict regime. Which is why at the moment our posts never seem to have a routine to them. But it suits us fine.

As we said previously, blogging can be daunting. So we thought we would ask some fab blogging mums on twitter for their best advice. We have posted that below to help you start a blog or improve your blogging experience. Please go visit these fab blogging mums blogs and show them some love.

Please go check out @liveotherwise 's blog for some more fantastic blogging advice. Desiderata of blogging

@HchClem offers some fantastic advice we couldn't agree more with.

Always enjoy blogging, it shouldn't be a chore!

Please go check out her blog, a new addition, she writes fantastic reviews on products.

Some more great advice, this time from @AlwaysAMummy . Please go check out her fab blog, Always a Mum. .

Finally we received a lovely email from @lovefrommummy

This was her fantastic advice;

"Do take the time to read and comment on other people's blogs and be sure
to respond to any comments left on your own posts.

Do link to lots of other blogs, it will provide your readers with new
content to read and new blogs to follow.

Do join in with linkys, blog hops and memes. It's a great way to discover
new blogs and will also increase the presence and traffic to your own

Do promote your blog on other social media outlets such as twitter and
facebook but don't use them just to promote your blog. Join in with
conversations too.

Do join blogging networks and communities such as Netmums, Britmums and
Love All Blogs. They're a great source of advice and provide the perfect
opportunity to meet fellow bloggers."

Please go check out her fantastic blog, Love from Mummy.

Thank you to each mum who helped us with this post by offering some fantastic advice.

One piece of advice we find to be the best so far is, if you need advice on anything, just ask. Because there will always be someone kind enough to offer some advice.

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At 25/04/2012, 21:00 , Blogger Bex said...

excellent advice. I didn't realise when I started out that there were so many fantastic blogs out there!

At 26/04/2012, 14:24 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Thanks, neither did we. We also didn't realise what a fun and friendly community we were entering.

K :)


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