Monday, 28 May 2012

It's an Avent Event.

We were recently incredibly lucky to be invited by Philips Avent to an event they were running to talk about a new product they are launching.

This was our first event we had attended and to call us both shy would be an understatement. We arrived a little bit early as we are both a bit obsessed with getting to places on time. Though I'm sure that will go right out the window when our Lil Monkey makes its arrival.

We noticed how at ease everyone else seemed as we were offered a drink and nibbles. I think in these situations having a baby would help as you're much more approachable than two wide eyed fresh faced women looking like they've just stepped into a hidden underworld.

We started to relax a bit and got talking with a lady from Avent who made us feel very comfortable. After several glasses of orange we got ushered into a small screening room to watch a PowerPoint presentation about the new Range being launched. We then got treated to a light lunch of corporate sandwiches, which was great as we were both very hungry.

After washing our sandwiches down, with yet more orange juice, we got ushered back in to the screening room to watch the new movie What To Expect When You're expecting. A lovely touch was the popcorn they had prepared for us all.

The film was very funny and there were definite laugh out loud moments and lots of nodding in sympathy to several of the characters. It was the most interesting cinema viewing I've ever had. I must say I've never watched a movie on the screen with several babies and toddlers in the room. It certainly added to the atmosphere.

On our way out we received a fantastic free gift pack full of goodies including some products from the fab Philips Avent New Natural range. Which we will be reviewing in a separate post.

We would like to thank the lovely @simply_hayley on twitter for recommending us to Philips.

*our travel costs were reimbursed and a free gift pack with products plus lunch were provided.

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