Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Journey has begun....

My phone vibrated in my pocket. Clara had just popped to the toilet so I assumed it was a text from my mum wishing us a safe journey.

Instead a message flicked up from Clara, a picture message. I really didn't think that an airports toilet was an appropriate place to be taking pictures but on opening the message I couldn't contain my grin.

"well, I hope you washed your hands before taking the picture!"

We grabbed each other in mini celebration as other travellers gave us inquisitive side glances.

"got everything we need?" I asked. Clara patted her stomach and smiled.

"let's hope so. Although I'm thirsty!"
So off we went to Smiths to buy one last thing before we began our baby adventure in Denmark.

After several minutes and a strange conversation with a sales advisor where he asked Clara is she meant to say she was waiting for her husband instead of her wife. We went to locate our gate.

Which is when things got really tense.

"it's delayed!"
"it can't be delayed we've booked a time slot, I'm ovulating. It can't be delayed"
"it says delayed so I'm guessing that means its delayed"

I soon learnt it was better to think my sentences rather than say them out loud. After a quick call via Skype we relaxed a little. They would still be able to fit us in.

The flight was a blur and as soon as we landed we raced towards the taxi ranks. On arriving at the address we'd shown the taxi driver we were a little confused as it seemed as though we were in some random back street.

But we'd done our research and decided not to judge by the exterior. We were glad we didn't as the clinic and staff were lovely.

Luckily they were running late and we were shown to an office to wait our turn.

We couldn't help but grin like Cheshire cats. We were about to try for a baby.

"Ok, relax and lie there for about ten minutes"

I grabbed Clara's hand and squeezed it. I was so excited. It was the most exciting and scariest thing I'd ever done up until that point.

I imagined it all happening right there, a life being created, cells dividing and multiplying. The wait before we tested was going to be excruciating.

We spent the next day in a bit of a daze. The trip was just a two day event so we tried to cram in as much as possible to take our minds off the baby. Which included eating more portions of nachos than we care to remember.

"let's test...."

Two weeks passed and we found ourselves stood watching a clear blue test stick flash up negative.

I placed my arms round my wife as she sobbed into my shoulder

"it's ok beautiful, the time wasn't right. Our baby is going to be amazing and will come when it's ready"

And it has :)

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At 30/05/2012, 14:56 , Blogger mummyratesit.co.uk said...

Ahhhh... congratulations! You made your story sound like a 'story' if you know what I mean! So glad things have worked for you and look forward to reading more about your adventure! Michelle x

At 31/05/2012, 16:25 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Thank you :)

We look forward to writing more of adventure :)

At 04/06/2012, 13:56 , Blogger Mondays with Mac said...

Oh how I can relate to those feelings. Congratulations on the addition to your family!

At 06/06/2012, 01:20 , Blogger West Philly Mama said...

:)It's such a roller coaster ride. Congrats!

At 07/06/2012, 03:11 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for participating in Blogging for LGBT Families Day! Good luck with the new addition to your family!

At 07/06/2012, 11:37 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Thank you, loved your post for LGBT families day. We also had a scare and feel like its made our bond with this lil one even firmer. Can't wait until its here.

At 07/06/2012, 11:37 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

It is indeed, thanks so much :)

At 07/06/2012, 11:38 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Thank you very much. We loved participating. We can't wait to share more for next years :)


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