Friday, 25 May 2012

Our House is our Home....

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked by friends since we announced that there was a little miracle growing inside my wife was, “When are you going to move?” .

This question is guaranteed to get me reaching for my soap box as I try to justify our decision not to move just because we are increasing our household from two to two and a barely three.
We have lived in our home for 2 years this year and I couldn’t be happier with it. It's a one bedroom flat with enough room to fit several children, on sofas or shelves or perhaps the breakfast bar could hold two at a squish.

My point being just because we are choosing to bring an extra person in to the world we don't need to move to accommodate an extra person sized space. We are choosing to live within our means and this means we don't want to move.

There are other bonuses to where we live. We moved from the big smoke back in 2010 to the countryside in Dorset.

We live in a lovely cul-de-sac with lovely neighbours that watch out for us and take in parcels and actually talk to us when we pass them.
It's a long way away from where we lived two years ago in a big built up area where our neighbours listened to techno music all day and our walls emitted a less than fragrant smell of skunk.

I can understand people’s concerns that we won't have enough room. It is true that little people can accumulate lots of extras. Our home will end up being extra cosy.

But if my nan can bring up two energetic boisterous boys in a caravan, then my wife and I can bring a baby into the world safely to live in a 21st century all mod cons one bedroom flat.

Did friends and family expect you to move once your family started to expand?

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At 25/05/2012, 16:23 , Blogger Leopard Print Mommy said...

i totally get this, me and gareth got asked (and still do get asked) this all the time, mainly his work friends would ask. We live at my parents house, and harry still sleeps in our room, we have a spare room there that he can have when hes older, but its currently filled with all my dads junk, plus i sort of dont want to move him out of our room yet, il miss him way too much waking me in the morning shouting 'mommmm'. We decided that we would stay with my mom&dad while we save up to afford to buy a nice place of our own, where we will be happy bringing harry up, rather than being stuck in a place by the council somewhere we wouldnt be happy, i dont undertsnad other peoples issues with where you live when you have a baby, as long as there cared for and loved with a room over there head thats all that matters x x

At 28/05/2012, 11:27 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

I think it's really sensible to want to stay somewhere more affordable whilst you save.

I am learning that most people have a strong opinion on how is best for you to raise your child. It seems a lot of people feel they need an abundance of space. I think this is a very 21st century view and too many people have lost touch with wanting to feel close and cosy with your family.

Our baby will be very loved and have a perfect little roof over its head :)



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