Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Spice Tailor Curry Sauces by Anjum Anand - REVIEW

As we recently mentioned in a previous post "Craving a Curry" Clara's latest craving is curry. So it was perfect timing when we were contacted on twitter to review two Curry sauces by Anjum Anand.

Spice Tailor Anjum Anand curry

The two flavours we received were Original Tikka Masala & Keralan Coconut Curry from Anjum's new Spice Tailor range. The Coconut pack contains an optional spice pack and the coconut curry sauce whilst the Tikka pack contains optional spices, a base sauce and the Tikka sauce.

Both packs come with full clear instructions on how to use the sauces and offer suggestions on which meats or vegetables to use. You can also visit her website for tips and info etc. Being a vegetarian I chose to make the Coconut curry with Quorn pieces. Clara decided to make the Tikka with chicken.

The instructions were so easy to follow. I decided not to use the extra spices as I wanted a more mellow flavour like the pack suggested. I was surprised by how the consistency of the sauce changed one is started to heat. Usually Quorn sucks the life out of any sauces due to how dry it is, but this wasn't the case. I had plenty of sauce left to soak into my rice.

The flavour was delicious. It was mellow and had many levels, each bite seemed to share a new flavour. I would definitely buy this sauce if I wanted a nice curry. The RRP is £2.89, which I think is reasonable if buying to serve the recommended 2-3 people.

Clara's sauce took just a few more minutes to prepare, due to the base sauce and that it was chicken. Again we were impressed by the quantity of sauce which gave the chicken a juicy flavour, even after Clara tried to over cook the chicken.

Base sauce going in.

At first Clara was surprised by how strong the flavouring was, yet it managed to refrain from being too overpowering. She thought if she were to make this in future she would add just a splash of coconut milk for her taste. The sauce was just the right consistency and not at all watery. It allowed some sauce to soak into the rice but not to saturate it. She would definitely try this again. A massive bonus was it didn't trigger any heartburn, which other curries seem to be doing to her lately.

We both liked how easy the packets were to open, as there is nothing worse than hunting for a pair of scissors whilst cooking. Our only negative remark is about the price, for a regular week day curry it would be a bit out of our budget. But for special occasions or when friends or family are round we would buy these.

*We received both packets for free to review.

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