Thursday, 28 June 2012

Philips Avent's New Natural Range - Review

As mentioned in our previous post "It's an Avent Event" We were lucky to get a first glance at their new Philips Avent Natural Range.

Philips Avent

We were really surprised to discover that it had been 25 years since they had redesigned their bottles. We were both familiar with the Avent range due to C having a younger sibling she used to help feed with the classic range and myself having a niece who used Avent bottles.

The new Natural range claims to help bottle feeding more natural and suitable for parents who are breastfeeding.

Since C decided she would be giving breastfeeding a go once baby arrives we felt these bottles looked ideal for us. C suffers with a growth deficiency in one breast which resulted in several surgery attempts to correct it. This means we are unable to know if she can breastfeed from this breast or not. We decided that to help remove worries of being able to feed from one breast by expressing and combining bottle feeding with breastfeeding.

Avent have tested the bottles and have claimed that babies are more likely to accept their new teats instantly. Which puts our minds at ease slightly as we were worried if baby would take both bottle and breast.

Philips Avent Natural Range Bottle

The new teats are shaped to resemble a breast and are very soft and pliable. They also have a twin valve which prevents air going back into baby's tummy. We were also informed that they wouldn't collapse in on themselves when sucked on. Which we noticed happened to previous teats C's sibling used.

The bottles are slightly slimmer than previous models and feel nicer to grip, which we could see little hands holding easier.

Philips Avent Natural Range Breast Pump

We also like the look of the new breast pump. It's angled slightly different to the previous model to allow for comfort when expressing. It also has the petal shapes exhibited on the bottle teats which purpose is to massage the breast to assist in expressing. We liked this idea as we think it could help C to express from her sensitive breast.

Overall we are really impressed with the Philips Avent Natural Range. The true test will be once our baby arrives.

Philips Avent Natural Range Bottles and Breastpump

*we received a breast pump and two bottles for review

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