Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

This is fab! Thanks so much Momma of Mojo.

Momma of Mojo has given us this meme award, go check out her blog, it’s really lovely. 

This Meme award requires you to share 5 random facts about yourself and link back to the blogger who tagged you. You then have to tag 5 bloggers to do the same.

 It’s a great opportunity to share some random facts with your readers.

 So here are our facts!

K - I was once on Live & Kicking TV show, the Famous for Five minutes section. I got to dance with the cast of Fame from the West End Musical with my Guide troop.

C - I was given a moped when I was younger and the first time I got on it to ride it I rode it straight into a fence.

K - I once went to Hamley’s to be taught magic by Marvin the Magicians crew. I had to perform a magic trick for Marvin himself.

C – I completed a course in Lighting Design at Uni and Lit a show at the BAC, a professional theatre in London. It was for the Universities Postgraduate Directors Programme.

K & C – We once decided it was a good idea to go camping in Brighton in March. We ended up nearly freezing and decided to pack the tent up at 3am in the Morning and drove home.

Now all there is left is to tag the next fab folk we are giving this award to.

@Petitmew - Go check out her lovely colourful blog - The Petit Mom She has lots of fab reviews.

@simply_hayley - Another Lovely blog from a lovely lady. - Simpley Hayley Where else can you read about someones experience of Britmums on crutches?

@Angoewright78 - Go show her blog some love - Mum of Three Boys She has three adorable little boys and a great blog.

*we know we've only tagged 3 people, but this is K typing this and I am under strict DR orders not to type too much due to my tendinitis. Cop out I know.

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At 26/06/2012, 20:10 , Anonymous Notmyyearoff said...

I used to get up at 7.30 to watch live and kicking!! Great facts!

At 28/06/2012, 14:33 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Me too. Loved it. It was one of the highlights of my childhood when I got to be on it. :)


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