Monday, 25 June 2012

Why We Blog

I'd love to be able to say that when we discovered we were pregnant, I turned to Clara and said,

"Let's blog our experiences and change the way the world views same sex parents"

But that really isn't how it happened.

I've had several blogs before. They were always half ass attempts for me to keep track of things I was up to. My most recent success was my Things Before I'm 30 Blog. I say success, my idea of success was updating it once a month or more. My Things.. blog seemed to take a back seat once our world started to change.

This blog was going to be different. We were starting a family. We were about to experience things we had never experienced before.

I wanted us to share these experiences, almost to show outsiders that our experiences are not too different from theirs. Also to keep track of moments that are fleeting, moments we would want to be able to share with our family once they are all fully grown.

We were also frustrated by the lack of same sex female parent blogs in the UK. Quite often I would Google to see who was going through what we were going through and stumble across American or Canadian blogs. Which is great. We love a lot of these blogs. But it's always nice to discover someone talking about similar issues in relation to your country and legislation's etc.

Now I'm not saying these blogs don't exist. They do, but we wanted there to be more visibility.

So our conversation went more like this... 

"Do you think we should blog about our pregnancy?"
"So that there are more Same sex parenting blogs?"
"Do you think anyone will read it?"
"My mum might..."

So My Two Mums was born and instantly started to evolve. We soon realised our blog was not too different from other parenting blogs. I mean we had our own niche, which was great but we shared similiar issues.

We would love to make a difference on the blogging scene. But since the birth of My Two Mums our journey has proved to be so much more.

We have realised we blog because it makes us happy. We feel as though we've been accepted as just another couple of parent bloggers.

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At 25/06/2012, 21:56 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I've only just found your blog and this sums up what I like about blogging. It's about people sharing their own unique experiences in the hope of informing others, giving support, learning from others - oh - and a cheap way of unleashing your angst. x

At 26/06/2012, 15:07 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Indeed, That's exactly why we blog :)and yes it does provide you with a great outlet.

It's always nice to read others experiences too.

At 27/06/2012, 16:31 , Blogger Mel x said...

Just stumbled across your blog, forwarding it onto my sister in law as I think her and her girlfriend are looking into same sex parenting, it's refreshing to read x

At 28/06/2012, 20:53 , Blogger Hayley said...

Fantastic reasons! You both stand out and fit in equally I'd say! I've not seen any negativity towards your blog which pleases me greatly! You guys have as much right to be parents as the next same sex couple and its great you can get involved in an already thriving parenting blogging community!

At 02/07/2012, 10:50 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

That's lovely to hear, thank you. Hopefully they find it interesting. :)

At 02/07/2012, 11:14 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Thank you Hayley. We love blogging and it's great we haven't met with any resistance so far. :)


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