Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Recently we have been following The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers blog.

We have decided to join in with this weeks theme. Go check out her blog to join in.

This weeks theme is Everyday.

Since November the thing we do everyday is capture almost every moment of C's pregnancy.

Belly shots from the side, belly shots on outings, family belly shots. I don't recall seeing any pictures of my mum when she was pregnant with me.

Cameras weren't just with you everywhere you went. With the luxury of owning a smart phone I can snap a picture on the go. So in 10 years time or less I can share the moments just before our world changed.

I think I might need a bigger memory on my next upgrade.

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At 04/07/2012, 09:59 , Blogger multiplemummy said...

I love that. I really did not take many pictures of my pregnancy with my first or the twins and I am gutted that I don't have the time line of that journey. I think it may be because i was so sick. Yet you have the most amazing everyday to come and it will be the beginning of a beautiful little family. Exciting!

At 04/07/2012, 10:04 , Blogger MytwoMums said...

Aww thanks so much. We can't wait until our Everyday changes :)

So many more pics to be taken.

At 04/07/2012, 11:01 , Blogger Mummy Limited said...

I was very slack with photos of my bump with my first born son, but was a little better with No2 son, as I'd started a project 365. I love looking at how it grows when you hardly notice it in day to day life. The last one you take will be so special as the next time you get the camera out there will be a baby.

At 04/07/2012, 20:23 , Anonymous mymummylife said...

It's a great idea to capture bump photos as you go along. I didn't take many with my son, but have quite a lot of self-portraits of myself with my daughter on board, including one of me on my due date. It's fun to look back and marvel at how she fitted in there!

At 04/07/2012, 21:05 , Blogger Helpful Mum said...

What a great take on the theme! I took so many bump photos with my first child, with the second one I barely took any and it makes me sad that I didn't document it as well as I should have.


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